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Harbor City Maryland Chapter’s programs are aligned with The Society, Incorporated Supporting the Arts’ national mission, which is to engage, educate, and inspire youth development in the arts. In addition, we look to fill specific gaps within our community in all art categories, including performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, and instrumental arts.  We are committed to not only helping youth with their artistic expressions, but also helping them consider careers in the arts.

Image by Jon Tyson
Visual Arts
Fine, Applied and Photography 

Visual Arts:

Fine, Applied and Photography


Harbor City Maryland Chapter is devoted to having youth experience, engage and exhibit all genres of visual art forms. From watercolor paintings, to pencil drawings, to pottery and jewelry making, we know our youth excel in all forms, but sometimes need the encouragement and exposure to fully express their creative genius.  

The visual arts represent the human experience, and helps us to understand our history, culture, and our lives.  The visual arts provide pleasure and creative inspiration and help create a dialogue about important issues in society.   


In the recent past the incoming new members prepared 25 "inspirational art" bags with sketch books, paints, pencils, and aprons for under-represented youth in our community. 

Our annual scholarship award, honors the late Dr. David C. Driskell, an Honorary Member of The Society, Incorporated Supporting the Arts, and a highly regarded visual artist, scholar, and curator who lived i The 2021 Dr. David C. Driskell Achievement Scholarship Award will be awarded to a deserving high school senior who submits a winning visual arts expression based on the theme:” Finding Strength, Courage, and Hope through Artistic Expression”.

Tap Dance Class
Performing Arts
Dance, Stage, and Other Theatrical Performances

Performing Arts:

Dance, Stage, and Other Theatrical Performances

Harbor City Maryland Chapter (HCMC) is committed to helping youth explore the richness of their expressive abilities in all forms of the performing arts.  We have developed strong partnerships with like-minded organizations within our community to “engage, educate, and inspire youth development in the arts.”

Dance, theatre, and other performing arts help to teach us about ourselves and bring a higher understanding of humanity into our awareness.

The performing arts encourages youth to explore their emotions, expand their imagination, build confidence and self- esteem, and help find joy in self-expression.

Our Chapter served as one of the host committee chapters to celebrate honorary member, Lady Virginia Johnson, Artistic Director of The Dance Theatre of Harlem.  Friends, family and Society members from five different chapters enjoyed a wonderful performance and sumptuous post reception at the newly built Fine Arts Center on the campus of Prince George's Community College.

Visual & Performing Arts
Image by Santi Vedrí

Literary Arts 

Poetry, Essays (and other types of writing), Artistic Student Response and Expression

Literary Arts Program: Poetry, Essays,

Artistic Student Response and Expression

The Harbor City Maryland Chapter is dedicated to supporting youth in our community by providing opportunities for artistic exposure, training, and mentorships that enhance their talents in the six genres of writing:  descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative, technical and poetic.

Literary arts provide an opportunity for youth to use their voices through poetry, essay writing, and the spoken word to share their thoughts and emotions, both verbally and non-verbally.

Creative expression through literary arts enables youth to communicate their inner selves to the world around them.  This art form helps to connect them to others through the sharing of stories. 

The Harbor City Maryland Chapter has collaborated with our partners: The Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA), Prince George’s County Public Schools, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and WETA Classical Music Radio to offer two literary arts programs for youth in elementary, middle, and high schools.

High School Orchestra
Instrumental Music 
Voice (Individual or in choral) and Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music:

Voice (Individual or in choral) and Instrumental Music

Harbor City Maryland Chapter supports the development of youth in the instrumental arts, including vocal and instrumental music.  We look for opportunities to partner with organizations who share our mission, and we leverage that support to inspire the continued growth and development of youth as they pursue careers in the instrumental arts.


Harbor City Maryland Chapter partners with the Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts to help “Bring Color to the Classics”.  Through this partnership, we have exposed youth, especially those interested in vocal music, to many master classes with noted classical music artists.  


Our Chapter recognizes the gaps in training and performing within our local schools and strives to fill that gap through enhanced programming from jazz to opera and from soloists to choral presentation.

Literary Arts & Music


Harbor City Maryland Chapter has established strong strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations in Prince George’s County to support youth development in the arts. Our partnership with the Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA) has resulted in several innovative programs, including “Opera in Schools,” introducing students to Beethoven in a fun and engaging way, and holding classical musical showcases. 


We have also partnered in 2020 with the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) which is the NAACP ‘s youth program designed to recruit, stimulate, improve and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African American high school students.  We have judged and mentored local talent in the Olympics who move on to a ACT-SO National Competition.   


In 2020, our Chapter was awarded “Organization of the Year” by our CAAPA Partner.

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