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The Society, Incorporated founders; Celeste Burton, Davetta Madison, Dorothy Patton and Myrtle Roane had a vision and sensitivity. These visionary women conceived of the idea of organizing a group of professional women who shared the goals of friendship and service.  In less than a decade, The Society, Incorporated became a national organization in April of 1992. Our name, The Society, was chosen because, by definition, we are “an organized group of persons associated together for similar benevolent and cultural purposes.” The Society, Incorporated is 38 years old and is poised to have continued growth as we serve as a resource to youth in the arts.

The Society, Incorporated, is a non-profit national organization of women dedicated to enhancing, exposing, and promoting youth in the arts for the betterment of our communities. We are bonded in friendship and service to encourage and support youth who are talented in the arts. With a focus on under-served children, we provide support for young literary, visual, and performing artists.

Our organization was founded in May 1983 by four women who conceived the idea of organizing a group of professional women. Today we have chapters in 40 cities across the U.S. providing scholarships, grants, stipends, and other opportunities to help young people experience the exciting dimensions of artistic expression.

Harbor City Maryland Chapter

Harbor City Maryland Chapter (HCMC) was chartered November 17, 2017.  The establishment of the chapter was the vision of Renata Roy who asked Sharon Collins to join her to gather a group of ladies to take the journey and establish a second chapter in Prince George’s County.

During the interest group period with the support of Congresswoman Jo-Anne Benson, HCMC had the opportunity to work with Ernest Just Middle school in Largo Maryland to support youth by exposing them to many genres of the Arts.  The chapter offered two set sessions to include the orchestra master class led by Howard University music students, and a tap dance class held by Zuri Foreman, now a professional in the arts in New York.

The sixteen Charter Members of Harbor City Maryland Chapter, also known as the “SiStars” are as follows:

Renata Roy-Pinkney, Visionary Founder and President, Sharon Collins, Co-Founder and Vice President, Sonia Adams, June Clayburn, Constance Davis, JuDonna Forman, Lynnette Haynes, Delores Johnson - Cooper, Vanessa Lamb, Debra Mahone, Laverne Naughton, April Richardson, Cleopatra White, Dianne Locke - Whitfield, Lisa White, Jewell Whitmore, and Vernada Williams.

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Chartering Ceremony November 11, 2017
The SiStars AKA Sweet Sixteen

Message from the President

Message from the President

It is with great pleasure and deep pride that I serve as president of The Society, Incorporated, Harbor City Maryland. This honor has been bestowed upon me by an elite group of visionary women who love the arts and are committed to exposing youth to the artistry found in all artistic genres.  As a chapter, Harbor City Maryland takes this commitment seriously and endeavors to not only explore, promote and create opportunities to showcase youth talent, but to also nurture and mentor talented youth yet discovered.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist…”.  As president of the Harbor City Maryland Chapter, my primary role and ultimate goal is to ensure that the youth of our community are provided with opportunities to develop skills and appreciate the arts through the programming events sponsored and supported by chapter members.  To that end, I invite and encourage “you” (individuals, group and community organizations) to support our chapter events and consider partnering and collaborating with Harbor City Maryland on our scholarship and mentoring activities. Your support will elevate our programming goals and help us find the artist in every child by showcasing the artistry of the arts!

Sharing my passion for the arts and joining me in this effort are the following elected officers and esteemed members of the Harbor City Maryland Executive Committee:

Lynnette Haynes, Vice President

LaVerne Naughton, Recording Secretary

June Clayburn, Corresponding Secretary

Vanessa Lamb, Treasurer

Sharon Collins, Recording Secretary

Connie Davis, Parliamentarian

Marion Flamer, Chair, Nominating Committee

Artfully yours,

Debra A. Mahone, Ed. D.
Charter President,
The Society, Incorporated, Harbor City Maryland



The mission of this organization shall be:

  • to promote friendship and social exchange among members;

  • to function as a resource for young people in the arts; and,

  • to promote educational, civic, and cultural experiences within the community.


Executive Committee


Debra Mahon, Ph.D.

Vice President

Lynnette Haynes

Recording Secretary

LaVerne Naughton

Corresponding Secretary

June Clayburn



Vanessa Lamb

Financial Secretary

Sharon Collins


Connie Davis

ABOUT 2.jpg

Induction Ceremony January 20, 2020
The Sophisticated Eight


Lydia M. Dorman

Karen Michelle Fenner

Marion Flamer

Espanola F. Hughes – Turner

Sheila T. Hughes

Arvella Johnson

Delores Johnson – Cooper

April Randall

Cleopatra “Cleo” White

Dianne Whitfield – Locke

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Passion Statements

   It is my belief that various performing arts have genuine healing and inspirational qualities.  That the myriad avenues through which the arts are found generates a variety of emotions and reactions.  Art can be an expression of one’s inner voice. A youthful hobby as an amateur photographer was the beginning of my artistic interests and later those infamous slide shows at family reunions.   My continued appreciation of a variety of art forms lead me to share this gratification with family and friends.  Becoming a member of The Society, Incorporated provides me a formal avenue to spread the joy and rewards inherent in the performing arts.  I am so delighted to discover an organization that connects like-minded women and endeavors to showcase the beauty and power of the arts.  Art can teach, illuminate and transform our humanity.

- June B. Clayburn


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