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Message from the President

It is with great pleasure and deep pride that I serve as president of The Society, Incorporated, Harbor City Maryland. This honor has been bestowed upon me by an elite group of visionary women who love the arts and are committed to exposing youth to the artistry found in all artistic genres.  As a chapter, Harbor City Maryland takes this commitment seriously and endeavors to not only explore, promote and create opportunities to showcase youth talent, but to also nurture and mentor talented youth yet discovered.

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist…”.  As president of the Harbor City Maryland Chapter, my primary role and ultimate goal is to ensure that the youth of our community are provided with opportunities to develop skills and appreciate the arts through the programming events sponsored and supported by chapter members.  To that end, I invite and encourage “you” (individuals, group and community organizations) to support our chapter events and consider partnering and collaborating with Harbor City Maryland on our scholarship and mentoring activities. Your support will elevate our programming goals and help us find the artist in every child by showcasing the artistry of the arts!

Sharing my passion for the arts and joining me in this effort are the following elected officers and esteemed members of the Harbor City Maryland Executive Committee:

Lynnette Haynes, Vice President

LaVerne Naughton, Recording Secretary

June Clayburn, Corresponding Secretary

Vanessa Lamb, Treasurer

Sharon Collins, Recording Secretary

Connie Davis, Parliamentarian

Marion Flamer, Chair, Nominating Committee

Artfully yours,

Debra A. Mahone, Ed. D.
Charter President,
The Society, Incorporated, Harbor City Maryland

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